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Welcome to the Official ArcTap Wiki!


ArcTap is a truly free Android game with simple and unique mechanics. No ads in any type or form.Work in progress. Demo available.

Game itself

You are going to be playing as a circle/circle shaped object. It moves only in arc trajectories. Circle always moves and turns to the left/ or to the right. By touching the screen you change the direction of rotation. Which allows you to move where you want. Example This mechanic makes game quite fun and unique. ArcTap has many different levels, and different trials/obstacles on them ( including drift mode).


The main goal is to get to the portal File 575e55db5963b3be32655ebb314506ed.png which will bring you to the higher level. While doing so, try to avoid hitting black borders. Be sure to use checkpoints, which will save your position (checkpoints are available since level 16). Also you can look for File a2ad4548deb721225eaee4c3a0500f67.png which will unlock new models if you hit it!

Free player models

You can unlock free player models, but also there is a store, where you can purchase player models, but it is an optional thing to do. Purchasable models do not give any advantages over free models. There will be about 15 models, here are some of them.

File f8e9063ea6bf4644c267e4b4f608be91.png

Try it yourself

Outdated demo version for 13.01.16

Hints and tips

Tapping faster makes you move faster.
Try focusing your vision on the edge of circle.
Checkpoints do not save your position if you leave level.
Every player can acquire a hidden-bonus model for free. Find a way to do it.

Work in progress

Follow on Twitter and stay tuned.


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